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Kampala Uganda

East Africa

Our Brochure

Customer Enquiries

Kampala Uganda

East Africa

About Us

KIPYA Group (U) Ltd focuses exclusively on high quality and cost-effective IT and Digital Finance and Blockchain solutions.

KIPYA Group (U) Ltd

In Uganda KIPYA has been in existence since 2013. Under the KIPYA Group (U) Ltd umbrella, KIPYA Group consists of;
  • KIPYA | Connect
  • KIPYA | Bit2big
  • Epiphany by kipya
  • Umbrella Kid’s NGO.
Cyber Security Services & Trainings
ICT Consultancy
Blockchain Services
Cryptocurrencies Exchange
Blockchain Innovation Lab

Our Vision

Our core purpose is to support companies and individuals be more successful through the
use of smart IT technologies.

Our vision is to be a preferred “Specialized” I.T and FinTech Consulting and Training Services
Company. To be a strategic Partner to our clients in Business Transformation, Performance
Improvement, Capability Development and Continuous Improvement though ICT Solutions.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to offer customised value-added services to help businesses across verticals implement cost-effective yet scalable solutions in their category.

  • Offering high-end & innovative solutions and adding value for customers
  • Setting rich standards for service quality
  • Operational excellence with the help of simplicity & efficiency of solutions and services

A Great Place to Work

Here’s the secret sauce to our benefits and perks: It’s all about removing barriers so staff can focus on the things they love, both inside and outside of work. We’re constantly searching for unique ways to improve your health and happiness.

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We specialize in providing flexible learning solutions which include IT trainings, seminars, IT consultancy ..

We offer professional and cost-effective cyber security training services in partnership with EC Council

With over 15 years international expertise in Data management, Big Data, Databases, IT & Cloud Architecture

Blockchain solutions have tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries including, finance, supply chain, education ..

We have built our bit2Big trading infrastructure with various Cryptocurrency and Tokens ..

Supporting education, research and technology incubation with the Blockchain technology is our focus under the BLab ..